Excellent start of the Hybrid demo tour

Logset is arranging a demo tour with the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid harvester in Europe. The tour started in Kouvola, Finland on May 18th with a demo of three Logset forest machines. The day was special because it was the hybrid harvester´s first public appearance in Finland. The demo tour will continue to Germany and France in June 2018. The Logset 12H GTE Hybrid will also be exhibited at Euroforest in June and Interforst in July.

Logset launched the hybrid harvester in 2016. Other forest machine manufacturers do not yet produce hybrid forest machines. During the demo tour, the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid is equipped with a Logset TH85 harvester head. At the event in Finland, the visitors were also presented a Logset 8H GTE harvester with a Logset TH65 harvester head, and a Logset 5F GT forwarder.

- All new technology is welcome! Especially if it benefits us and saves the environment at the same time. I find this hybrid forest machine highly interesting, says one of the demo visitors, harvester operator Joonas Halttunen.


Three Logset machines on same site

The demo in Kouvola attracted a lot of visitors and included many nice customer meetings. Forest machine operators and cousins Joni Harmoinen and Mikko Harmoinen from Ristiina came to see both harvesters.

- The hybrid and 8H GTE were what drew me here. I’m interested in hybrid technology, even though the harvester is huge, says Joni Harmoinen.

- I haven’t seen a hybrid forest machine work live, only on YouTube videos. This was a great opportunity to see one, says Mikko Harmoinen.

Both demo day harvesters have the same diesel engine. The machines also have a two-circuit hydraulic system which makes them easy to operate. The operator can move the crane, the harvester head and the base machine simultaneously.

The main difference between the harvesters is the hybrid package, which gives about 180 kW extra power and a great amount of torque to the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid. Thanks to the hybrid package, the revs of the engine can be kept at a constant level, even though the power needed by the harvester can vary significantly during work cycles when the harvester is cutting and delimbing trees.

There was also a Logset 5F GT forwarder on the site. It is the most popular Logset forwarder model in Finland due to the lightness and loading capacity of the machine.

Watch a video from the demo tour: 


The demo tour continues in Germany

See the latest pictures from the Logset 12H GTE demo tour in Germany underneath. In Germany the demo tour is arranged together with our German dealer MHD - Forsttechnik Müller-Habbel.