Logset 10F GT

Powerful 18-ton forwarder for long hauls

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The Logset 10F GT is one of the two big brothers in the Logset forwarder range. This impressive 18-ton forwarder has an exceptionally robust and reliable structure. It has been designed for the toughest climates and terrains, such as those of Russia, North America and Latin America.


Thanks to the double hydrostatic motors, Logset 10F GT has a wide speed range when using the first gear. The expandable load bay can be widened to add approximately 60 cm to the loading capacity, and the machine has a hydraulic tail section which provides an extra length of 70 cm when needed. With these features, the Logset 10F GT is perfectly suited for the long hauls.


Despite the large capacity and power, the fuel economy is incredible and optimized through the intelligent TOC 2 control system. The TOC 2 system, together with the AGCO Power engine, optimizes the fuel injection in all conditions according to the prevailing engine load, hydraulic pressure and flow requirements. The low fuel consumption and the large fuel tank allow 12-hour work shifts without refueling.



Logset 10F GT is, like the other Logset products, designed for hard work. The main mechanical parts have been reinforced to achieve long lifespan and to endure challenging conditions. The frames, center joint, bogie attachments, load base and a solid hood have all been designed for rough forest conditions. The main components have been selected to ensure the best reliability: Less downtime, more money!


The successful combination of the Logset TOC 2 control system and the AGCO Power diesel engine makes Logset probably the most fuel-efficient forwarder manufacturer. High-resistance parts, exceptional reliability and minimized downtime contribute to low running costs.


The Logset 10F GT forwarder has a Mesera 111 crane as standard equipment. The crane has an impressive 151 kNm lifting force, which makes it suitable for lifting heavy logs and even full-length trees. The diesel engine with 220 Kw (300 horse powers), in combination with the hydrostatic transmission, provides sufficient power in all situations. You can work with high productivity even in difficult conditions.


The operator’s comfort is crucial for maximizing productivity. The spacious cabin offers excellent visibility and a low noise level. The main components of the forwarder are easily accessible, making service easy.


Eight advantages with the Logset forwarder


The cabin offers first-class comfort and an unobstructed view both when driving and loading. It is spacious and has large storage compartments. The forwarder is easy to maneuver because the wheels are in sight.



The forwarder is equipped with the user-friendly Logset TOC 2 control system. Thanks to the control system, the operator saves fuel while the driving experience is soft and smooth. The crane control is also fast and accurate.



A great advantage of the Mesera crane is its boom geometry. The crane is especially designed for forwarders, and loading and unloading is comfortable and easy. You can choose from two crane models: either the Mesera 111 crane with a reach from 7.2 meters to 8.5 meters (151 kNm) or the Mesera 122 crane with a reach from 8.1 meters to 10 meters (155 kNm). Both models are available with integrated hoses.



The diesel engine in the Logset forwarder range has the best combination of excellent fuel economy and outstanding power. The latest SCR technology is used in the engines to make them environmentally friendly.



The strong, adjustable and durable load bay carries more wood than ever before. The Logset 10F GT can easily be loaded with two stacks of 3-meter logs. The machine can carry up to 18 tons of timber.



Thanks to the 240 liters fuel tank capacity, the operator can extend his work shift without refueling. The correct dimensioning of the oil tank in each machine model ensures a longer lifespan of the hydraulic components.



The hydrostatic transmission gives the best performance even in the most difficult terrains. It is powerful, accurate and reliable. The Logset 10F GT forwarder is especially designed for long hauls.



The machine comes with reliable NAF bogies.

Technical data


Own weight, kg from22 000 (4 8500 lbs)
Load capacity, kg18 000 (39 683 lbs)
Load area length, m5.4/6.2 (212/244 in)


TypeAGCO Power 74 AWF
StageEU Stage IV / EPA Tier 4 final
Power at 1900 rpm, kW205 (300 hp)
Torque at 1500 rpm, Nm1 200 (885 ft lb)
Fuel tank, l240 (63 US gal)
DEF, l27 (7 US gal)


TypeHydrostatic mechanical
Tractive effort, kN220 (49 457 lbf)
Gear box2 gears

Hydraulic system

Pump size, cm³180
Pressure, Mpa21.5 (725 psi)
Oil tank, l175 (46 US gal)


Control systemTOC 2
Battery voltage24 V
Safety tested and approved cabin 




Crane options

CraneMesera 111
Lifting capacity, kNm151 (111 371 ft lb)
Reach options, m7.2/7.8/8.5/9.1/10 (23/25.5/27/28/32 ft)

Optional equipments

Bulldozer blade • Diesel heater • Crane tilt • Contact your local dealer for more information about options 
Logset 10F GT, black cabin
Logset 10F GT_Dimensions