Logset TOC-MD 2

Control system and measuring system merged into one

Product content

In addition to the renewed TOC 2 for the base machine, Logset has also developed a new measuring system for the harvester head: Total Operation and Control – Measuring Device 2 (TOC-MD 2). The TOC-MD 2 is Linux-based.

In a harvester, the TOC-MD 2 is merged into the TOC 2 control system, so no separate PC is needed. The settings of the TOC-MD 2 can be easily changed through the same menu as the TOC 2 settings. Also the TOC-MD 2 menu has been renewed for fast, easy and intuitive navigation.

Design based on experience

Both TOC 2 and TOC-MD 2 are a result of over 10 years of experience at Logset. TOC has been used in the Logset forest machines from 2007 and the TOC-MD from 2010. TOC 2 and TOC-MD 2 represent a new generation of the original programs.


Design Engineer Markus Storsjö presenting the harvester's control panels.
Inside the Logset harvester cabin.