Logset TOC 2

Modern forest machine control by Total Operation and Control 2, TOC 2

Product content

Logset has developed a new control system for both forwarders and harvesters: Total Operation and Control 2 (TOC 2). The control system is Linux-based and it has been developed with a view to user-friendliness and practicality. The graphic design as well as the menus of TOC 2 have been completely renewed to make navigation fast and intuitive.

In the new TOC 2, the settings are divided into two different categories: basic settings and advanced settings. Anyone can easily adjust the basic settings, and it is possible to limit access rights of the advanced settings. Drivers can save their personalized settings for the crane.

The electrical system in the Logset forest machines has also been renewed. All the Logset forest machines are now equipped with an electronically operated main switch and a new main electrical box that is easy to service.

Design based on experience


Both TOC 2 and TOC-MD 2 are a result of over 10 years of experience at Logset. TOC has been used in the Logset forest machines from 2007 and the TOC-MD from 2010. TOC 2 and TOC-MD 2 represent a new generation of the original programs.