Logset simulator

It doesn't get more real!

Product content

The Logset Simulators have accurate behaviour and outstanding graphics. Their strength lies in the accurate simulation of dynamics. Hydraulic pressures and flows and mechanical forces are realistically simulated. The control and measuring system acts as if it was installed in a real machine. The parameter adjustments have an immediate effect on the simulated machine. 

The simulator is built with the same high-quality components as real Logset machines. The graphics have been developed my Mevea, an experienced company with expertise in simulator development. 


The Logset simulator offers training opportunities in a dry, warm and safe classroom. A simulator is a very efficient way to train new operators to achieve excellent machine operating skills. More experienced operators can improve their skills and test new working methods. Simulated training can be organized for a whole group of students at the same time. Simulating is cost efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.


The Logset simulator is an ideal tool for people working with technical support. By simulating the problem, the service technician can understand the situation and give better support. The customer gets better, faster and more accurate answers. 

Technical data

Simulated machine types

Forwarder or harvester


~300 kg


L - 1 700 mm

W - 780 mm

H - 2 000 mm

Power supply

200 - 240 VAC


55" LED TV

12" screen for TOC-MD

Operating levers

Mini operating levers


2D motion platform

Three adjacent screens


View from the simulator
Logset Simulator