Logset TH95

Largest and strongest head designed for track based machines

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Logset TH95

Logset TH95 is the largest head in the TH series. It is a genuinely heavy-duty harvester head for ­harvesting and processing large volumes. Its compact structure and versatility make it suitable for many kinds of logging operations.

Logset TH95 is primarily designed for use with ­track-based machines with high lifting ­capacity and slewing power. Its strong chassis, tilt and ­rotator easily absorb the extreme stresses ­produced by these machines.

The chassis and delimbing knives create ­minimal friction against the tree stem. The ­reduced stress during feeding means that the fuel ­consumption is low and the engine and ­hydraulic components have a longer lifespan. The ­geometry of the ­feeding arms and delimbing knives is optimized for large and heavy timber. This guarantees efficient feeding of even bent and heavily branched trees.

Logset TH95 works seamlessly with the TOC-MD 2 ­measuring device. This union of strength and ­intelligence provides reliable measurements, easy adjustments and unbeatable productivity.

Logset is simply better, designed for your ­success.

Technical data


Width, head open, mm2040 (80 in)
Width, head closed, mm1640 (65 in)
Height to top knife, mm2070 (81 in)
Height with rotator and link, mm2700 (106 in)
Weight with rotator and link, kg2900 (6390 lbs)


Max. felling/cutting diameter, mm900 (35 in)
Saw bar, mm1000 (39 in)
Saw unitSuperCut 300
Saw motorParker F12-40
Saw chain tensioningHydraulic
Chain oil tank volume, liter18 (5 gal)

Hydraulic system

Max. felling/cutting diameter, mm280 (4061 psi)
Flow required for optional prod. l/min300 (79 gal/min)
Valve block: purpose built hydraulic manifold 


Hydraulic motors, feeding arms, cm³1120
Hydraulic motors, chassis, cm³500
Number of hydraulic motors, pcs4
Feeding speed (300 l/min, 79 gal/min), m/s3,9 (13 ft/s)
Max opening, feed wheels, mm880 (35 in)


Max. opening, upper knives, mm1040 (41 in)
Delimbing diameter tip to tip, mm620 (24 in)
Number of static knives, pcs2
Number of movable knives, pcs4


Indexator IR12 

Measuring system

Logset TOC-MD 

Recommended base machine size

Tracked base, from30 t. (66 000 lbs)

Optional equipments

Contact your local dealer for more information about options 
Logset TH95 studio picture