Watching Logset logging shows was a joy

Logset participated in the LS Konepäivät exhibition event in Oripää, Finland on September 29-30, 2017. During the two-day event Janne Kangassalo did logging shows with his Logset 8H GTE harvester that is equipped with a Logset TH65 harvester head. Behind him, Juha Mäntylä drove his Logset 5F GT forwarder. Watching the forest machines effective work was a joy despite the eerie fog that stuck around all Friday and the cold wind of Saturday.

- I’ve driven Logset machines for six years. We bought this harvester in 2015. Before we had a Logset 8H GT and before that a Titan 8H. There has been a lot of progress, says Janne Kangassalo.

His father, Risto Kangassalo, founded the company Metsäkoneurakointi Risto Kangassalo in 1984. Today the company has eight harvesters and nine forwarders that are all driven one shift per day. The company has one more Logset 8H GTE harvester but with a Logset TH75 harvester head.

- I appreciate the efficiency and reliability of the Logset harvesters. The fast feeding makes the machine productive. It is important as we’re paid by the cubic meter. Nowadays I do approximately 70 % clear fells and 30 % thinnings, says Janne Kangassalo.

The harvester has two work pumps that provide an even and effective flow of fuel, allowing Janne Kangassalo to move the base machine and use the harvester head simultaneously. During LS Konepäivät, he drives one-hour logging shows, making 60 m3/h with a fuel consumption of 14 l/h in each show. 

A visit to the cabin of Logset 8H GTE

12-year-old Santeri Heikkilä and his father Petri Heikkilä stop to watch Janne Kangassalo work. Petri Heikkilä tells that one of their goals for the exhibition day is to visit the cabin of Logset 8H GTE. When the harvester stops, both father and son climb up into the cabin. Santeri Heikkilä also gets to stay in the cabin with Janne Kangassalo during the following logging show.

- This is spacious, says Santeri Heikkilä about the cabin.

- And the visibility is great, observes Petri Heikkilä.

Nearby, a group of young men stop to admire the big loads Juha Mäntylä is driving with the Logset 5F GT forwarder. When he stops the machine, they have a lot of questions for him. Juha Mäntylä says that the machine is very light and fuel efficient. The forwarder was delivered to him in Summer 2017, but he says the forwarder is mainly driven by Juha Leppälä, who is also very pleased with it.

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A logging show with a Logset 8H GTE harvester.
Janne Kangassalo (in the middle) shows the cabin of the Logset 8H GTE harvester to Petri Heikkilä (to the left) and Santeri Heikkilä.
Juha Mäntylä (in the middle) says that the Logset 5F GT is a very light and fuel efficient forwarder.