Used harvester now with third owner

Logset 5H Titan harvester from 2010 was bought by its third owner Sture Nygård in autumn 2017. So far, he has cut 1 000 m3 of wood with it. Nygård notes that the machine is loyal to Logset.

- The harvester has worked excellently. Logset clearly takes good care of the machines and the company’s personnel work towards a common goal, he says.

Nygård’s company M&S Nygård has bought used forest machines before, but the previous harvesters have been smaller.

- I wanted a larger harvester, so I can drive in rocky terrain, but the harvester still had to be small enough for thinning, he explains.

When this specific Logset 5H Titan was put for sale, the harvester head on the machine did not suit Nygård’s needs. Logset changed the harvester head to a used Logset TH45.

- I have difficulties buying something I’m not familiar with. When the Logset harvester was brought to me and I got training in how to drive it, the deal was sealed. The Logset service men who have visited me since have all been very professional and helpful, Nygård says.

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Sture Nygård thinks that it is apparent that the used Logset 5H Titan has been well maintained.