Smooth Ride is a neat package that gives better ergonomics

Logset has chosen to go its own way regarding cabin suspension for forest machines. The company has designed the Smooth Ride cabin suspension that consists of four coil springs and four shock absorbers. Smooth Ride has no hydraulic or electric parts, which makes it a simple and durable solution.

- We wanted to present a solution that would be affordable. That’s why we decided not to have any hydraulic cylinders that are costly to change when worn, says Development Engineer Markus Storsjö.

One of the requirements was that the height of the cabin should not increase. A Smooth Ride cabin is only 5 cm higher from the ground than a regular Logset cabin. The Smooth Ride cabin suspension is fairly stiff, and therefore it adapts well even to extreme terrain conditions. The operator also has a good control over the machine´s movements.

- The stiffness of the cabin suspension can be adjusted with a screw. The operator can find his own setting, where he thinks the suspension is soft but not swaying too much, Storsjö explains.

He adds:

- Having good ergonomics is very important for the operator in the long run. The operator can drive faster with a machine that has cabin suspension and therefore the production will increase.