Smooth Ride cabin suspension is an obvious solution

Logset presented the new Smooth Ride cabin suspension solution at the FinnMETKO exhibition in Finland August 30th – September 1st, 2018. The Smooth Ride was installed in a Logset 6F GT forwarder, and for three days, visitors could test drive the forwarder on an uneven track.

- The cabin suspension follows the movement of the machine and absorbs all the hard hits.  It felt as if the solution also had reduced the sideways movement of the cabin. I drove fast over stubs on purpose, but I couldn’t get the coil springs to the bottom, tells Kevin Nordström.

- The cabin was comfortable. I didn’t need to flex my muscles, adds Alexander Jonasson.

Forest machine operators Nordström and Jonasson come from central Sweden, where they operate a Logset 10F GT for Sigsjö Maskin Ab. Nordström has driven forest machines since 2015, Jonasson since 2016.

- Our Logset 10F goes smoothly. However, there is a notable difference between a Smooth Ride cabin and a regular Logset cabin, Nordström states.


No hydraulic or electronic parts

Nordström and Jonasson were seemingly happy that the Logset cabin suspension has neither hydraulic nor electronic parts. Many other visitors also wondered why a simple solution like the Smooth Ride hasn’t been presented on the market before.

- The fewer electronic parts the better. In a mechanical solution we don’t have to look for the fault. We can directly change the worn parts, Nordström explains.

Aleksi Nurmela works part-time as a forest machine operator. He was excited after his test drive round.

- This cabin suspension solution is a clear winner. It is nice to see how much Logset has thought about the operator when they have designed the cabin. For example, the fact that you can adjust the crane with the potentiometer is great, he says.

During the exhibition, Logset presented also a Logset 5F GT forwarder with extra wide symmetric tracks, two harvesters and three harvester heads.

More images
Kevin Nordström (left) and Alexander Jonasson (middle) think the Smooth Ride absorbs the movements of the machine. Development Engineer Markus Storsjö to the right.
Brothers Arvo (right) and Markku Manninen (middle) found space in the Logset cabin with two Logset girls and Development Engineer Markus Storsjö. The brothers agreed that Smooth Ride clearly dampened the hardest hits, even with five people in the cabin.
Several visitors wanted to take pictures of the extra wide symmetric tracks.
Logset harvesters 6HP GTE (right) and 8H GT were equipped with harvester heads Logset TH55 and Logset TH65, both suitable for the Finnish forest conditions.
The kids’ corner was appreciated by the youngest visitors.
Logset shop sold items that can also be purchased through the Logset webshop. In the picture Spare Parts Seller Daniel Karlsson (left), Logset girl Aino and Spare Parts Manager Lars-Erik Nässlin.