Pleasant Logset 5F GT delivery to Portugal

In Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal the morning is misty and chilly. According to the weather forecast some rain is to be expected, which is uncommon in Portugal in June. Usually there is plenty of sun. The weather doesn’t bother us as our team heads up to the mountains to participate in the delivery of a brand new Logset 5F GT forwarder. The road to the eucalyptus site is windy, narrow and steep. 

Arriving at the meeting point we see the trailer of Luis Carlos Tavares loaded with the new Logset forwarder. Standing next to the trailer is a representative from Logset’s dealer Auto Henrique Braz & Filhosin Portugal, Nuno Soares. With him is the Auto Henrique Braz & Filhos service technician Fransisco Figueiredo. Also present is the machine owner Tavares, with his machine operator Simão Pereira and a few curious village residents. There is excitement in the air because Tavares’s company will start doing forestry partially in a new way.

 - My company has five tractors, one excavator with a Vicort harvesting head and two timber trucks. I have 13 employees. Usually a work site is harvested by the excavator, and in more difficult places a man with chain saw is helping. After that the timber is brought out with a tractor trailer combination and then loaded onto a timber truck. With this new forwarder I believe we can raise our productivity numbers. Thanks to the forwarder I’m sure we’ll be more productive, and we’ll be able to do tougher jobs, Tavares explains.

His company Luis Carlos Tavares, Unipessoal Ldawas founded in 2005 and he is a long-time customer of Auto Henrique Braz & Filhos. Before 2005, he worked together with his father. Four years ago, when Auto Henrique Braz & Filhos started as a Logset dealer, Tavares got acquainted with the Logset machines. Therefore, the switch from a tractor-trailer combination to a forwarder was quite natural and Tavares can recommend a similar solution to others. 

Comprehensive technical training

When the forwarder comes off the trailer the comprehensive technical training begins. It is held by Joonas Saloniemi from Logset’s technical support and Figueiredo, who has worked for Auto Henrique Braz & Filhos from the founding of the company in 1989. During the training Pereira learns for example how to adjust the crane settings, where all the parts can be found and the procedures how to access all components of the machine safely.

As operator Pereira steers the forwarder from between burnt eucalyptus trees, he is accompanied by three other men in the cabin. The forwarder cabin is spacious and accommodates all four men. Pereira gets the load bay loaded quickly. 

 - I’m used to driving with joysticks, so I think I will get the hang of this forwarder very soon. The biggest difference for me is the turning point of the machine. In the forwarder the turning point is in the middle, but with the tractor it is more towards the front, Pereira says. 

During the second run Pereira loads the forwarder by himself. The terrain on the work site is difficult and steep. This specific site has burned twice which has had a bad effect to the quality of the timber.

 - Every year in Portugal there are several suspected arsons. We believe the fires are set by people who don’t want companies to make a living from forestry, Soares says. 

After a fire several eucalyptus trees will grow from one stub. This means the trees are difficult to cut close to the stub and an even bigger stump is left on the ground. Depending on the forestry contract, Tavares´s company will also prepare the soil and plant new trees after felling the area. 

When the workday is over Pereira looks excited. From now on he will work with a brand-new forwarder.

 - The technical training was comprehensive, and I have a very positive feeling. I’m mostly surprised by the comfortable cabin. Thanks to it I will be able to perform better. This forwarder feels very steady. Just give me a week and I will drive it like a professional, he states with a smile.

Tavares is also pleased after an informative day in the forest.

 - We do mainly clear fells and about 70 % of the trees are eucalyptus. Some of the company’s equipment started to get worn out so it was time to replace the machines. The forwarder is a good choice. The technical training of the machine met my expectations completely and the Logset personnel are very nice people, he says.


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The front of the forwarder is equipped with a blade and a turning fan belt. In hilly conditions the operator can make a road using the blade. If the fan belt is turned, instead of taking air in, the machine will blow away dust from the front.
Operator Simão Pereira (left) with Fransisco Figueiredo from Logset dealer Auto Henrique Braz & Filhos and Joonas Saloniemi from Logset.
Nuno Soares (left) and Luis Carlos Tavares are looking under the tilted cabin with Simão Pereira and Fransisco Figueiredo.
One of Luis Carlos Tavares’ tractors is replaced with a Logset 5F GT forwarder. This means his company will start doing forestry partially in a new way.
Simão Pereira was positively surprised by the comfortable Logset cabin.
Nuno Soares says that when eucalyptus tree burn, several new trees will grow from the old stubs. This makes the trees difficult to cut with a harvester.
Steep forestry work sites are common in Portugal.
An excavator, a forwarder and a person who saws trees using a chainsaw are all needed on the same forestry site.
Both machine owner Luis Carlos Tavares (left) and operator Simão Pereira (right) are happy with the technical training they received during the forwarder delivery from Fransisco Figueiredo (middle) and Joonas Saloniemi.