Not only Logset fans talking

Ville Kopo was positively surprised when he got his new Logset 6HP GT harvester in March 2018. The rotating and levelling cabin of the harvester, as well as the 11-meter-long crane ease his works days significantly.

- I used to drive a harvester with four wheels and a ninemeter crane. Thinning is easier with this new machine and the harvester is a lot steadier. The machine feels more effective and during a work day I get more done than before, he says.

Even the Logset TH55 harvester head surprised Kopo in a positive way.

- I thought it was only Logset fans talking when they bragged about Logset, but the harvester head has made a great impression on me. Only a button stroke is needed for the tree to go through the head and the measuring accuracy is very good.


Driving a forest machine since young age

Kopo studied at Kullaan metsäopisto in Finland and became a forest machine operator at the age of 18 in 2003. First, he worked as an operator for a few years. Then he started his own company and bought a forwarder.

- My first forest machine was a Logset 4F forwarder. I drove it for a couple of years, until I started driving a harvester together with my father.

Today Ville Kopop owns the Logset 6HP GT and his father works for him. They drive the machine in two shifts and both of them work 8–10 hour shift. With the harvester they do everything from thinning to final cut, but most of the worksites are thinnings.

- The best part of my job is that I get to work alone. I listen to the radio a lot, Kopo says.