At the general meeting held May 26th, 2020 Logset Oy’s Board of Directors appointed Mikko Lehikoinen as a new member of the board. Lehikoinen works as the Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Valtra and his area of responsibility includes Europe and Middle East. Within the area of responsibility there are 296 dealers and importers, 12 country enterprises and a joint venture in Russia.

Lehikoinen is a member of the Valtra Management team and he also reports to the Management team of AGCO Europe and Middle East. He is a member of the Natural Resources Institue Luke’s committee “Nordic green bioindustry”. Before his 11-year long carreer at AGCO, Lehikoinen worked as a Director of Marketing within Kesla OYJ.

44-year-old Lehikoinen has an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree and is by   education a forester. He has previously been an active board member at Proxion and Sleipner Finland.

- Mikko’s education background, his innovative approach and his extensive knowledge of international cooperation make him a perfect fit for the Logset Board of Directors. I believe Mikko will bring new energy and vision to the team, says Chairman of the Board Tapio Nikkanen.

The other members of the Logset Board of Directors are Ilkka Brotherus, Seppo Koskinen, Jussi Länsiö and Tapio Nikkanen.

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Mikko Lehikoinen.