Meaningful innovations for forest machines

During the past years Logset has introduced several meaningful innovations for forest machines. The innovations have reduced complexity and resolved problems in the everyday lives of the operators, among other things. Also, they have led to an invitation to participate as a guest speaker in the International Cabin Forum (3rd Annual Global UX Innovation & Cabin Design for NRMM) on Sep 24-25, 2020. Logset’s Design Engineer Markus Storsjö had the honour to represent Logset at the event among speakers from globally known brands.

In his presentation Markus talked about how a mid-sized forest machine manufacturer introduces time and time again solutions that make the market’s jaw drop with surprise. 

-    When it comes to the crucial components Logset does not go for off-the-shelves products. We design them ourselves, Markus states. 

Lately he has been involved in projects like designing the cost-efficient Smooth Ride cabin suspension for forwarders and new control panels for both harvesters and forwarders. 

-    For example, when Logset launched the Smooth Ride, there were already several cabin suspension solutions for forest machines on the market. None of them had a simple design like ours and we received several questions from customers: “How come nobody has come up with this before?”, Markus smiles.

And isn’t that just what a meaningful innovation is supposed to do – recognizing the problem that the end-user has and caring to solve it to make life easier.

The latest meaningful innovations by Logset

1.    Smooth Ride cabin suspension. Cost-efficient because it works with four coil springs and four shock absorbers. Does not contain any hydraulic or electronic components. Read more

2.    Hybrid harvesters. Logset has combined a diesel engine with an electrical motor. The system contains no batteries. The hybrid package has super capacitors and it is service free. The hybrid harvester is powerful, economical and environment-friendly, so it is beneficial both to the environment and its user. Read more

3.    Control panels. The harvester operating levers have 13 buttons on each handle. Because of the added buttons, the operator never needs to let go of the operating levers while working and he/she can seamlessly interact with the machine’s control system and crane. (Ask for more details from Logset sales.)

4.    Control system TOC 2. Based on Linux. For harvesters, the system has an own measuring device TOC-MD 2 that is integrated with TOC 2. Adjustments in the system are made using operating levers, so the operator can keep his/her seating position and doesn’t need to touch the screen (or use a separate keyboard and mouse). Forest machines are complex, so the user interface of the system is designed to be very user-friendly. Read more

More images
Design Engineer Markus Storsjö at the remote studio.
View of the control system TOC 2 main menu.
Smooth Ride cabin suspension has four coil springs and four shock absorbers.