A maintenance-free and fantastic solution

The hybrid system – a maintenance-free and fantastic solution

Dennis Olsson, owner of D. Olssons Maskin Ab in Hällevadsholm, Sweden, has driven a Logset 12H GTE Hybrid harvester since October 2017. The harvester is equipped with a Logset TH85 harvester head. Olsson’s company has several forest machines, which is why he mainly uses the hybrid harvester on clear fells.

- The hybrid harvester really comes into its own in forests with thick trees. I can compare the hybrid harvester to the Logset 10H GT harvester I used to drive. The hybrid harvester is much more efficient on thick tree trunks, Olsson says.

He recommends the hybrid harvester to operators who work with thick trees. He usually works on clear fells where the average tree size is 0,6 m3. The hybrid harvester caught Olsson’s attention because of the large harvester head.

- The forests where I operate are a bit too small for the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid. However, the Logset TH85 was launched in 2017 and I wanted a large harvester head. The best machine for this size of head was the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid. I admit I wasn’t that interested in the hybrid technology itself.  

Olsson has driven forest machines since he was 16. In 2019, he will have been 30 years in the forest machine business.

- I’ve had the chance to operate forest machines of many different types and sizes, and I have to say that the hybrid harvester is a fantastic solution. The machine always has a lot of power, and my usual fuel consumption is approximately 16 liters/hour. During a good day with the right conditions, I can get as much as 70 m3/h with the same fuel consumption, but I usually produce around 55 m3/hour, Olsson says.

At the time of the interview, Olsson had driven nearly 2 200 hours with the hybrid harvester. On a regular work day, he starts the machine at 6 a.m., takes a lunch and service break around noon, and then operates the machine until 5 or 6 p.m.

- I usually service the harvester, like lubricate and add marking colour, during midday when it is light outside. Then I get some fresh air and move around a bit. The hybrid system is maintenance free. The only thing I’ve done on it is to check the water level. I could definitely consider buying another hybrid harvester, Olsson concludes.

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I could definitely consider buying another hybrid harvester. The machine always has a lot of power, and my usual fuel consumption is approximately 16 liters/hour, says Dennis Olsson.