Logset owner since 2001

When we arrive at the 14-hectare sized worksite in Jurva, Finland, we’re greeted by cheerful Raimo Leikas. He is the founder of the company Suupohjan Konehakkuu Oy.

- The first Logset forest machine deal with salesman Erno Mäntynen was made in 2001. I still remember the trip we made to Huittinen to see a Logset 5F. The deal was closed at 11 pm, and after that the cooperation with Logset has continued, Leikas smiles.

Suupohjan Konehakkuu will get the company’s fifth Logset 5F GT in December 2017. Leikas thinks that the machines have functioned excellently.

- The frames have lasted well, and the bogies are properly fastened, he says.

Driver Matti Hakala is excited about the new Logset 5F machine to be delivered.

- The new machine certainly has a lot of improvements. It has a longer frame, so we’ll be able to drive 2x3 meter logs with it. This will increase our productivity, Hakala says.

Leikas no longer drives the forest machines. He makes the work schedules, moves the machines between the worksites, and buys spare parts and fuel for his company’s machines.

Forestry for 30 years

Leikas founded his company almost 30 years ago. To begin with, forestry was his secondary occupation alongside farming. Over the years, the situation has changed: he discontinued his livestock business, and forestry has become his primary occupation. Leikas has a wife and three children.

- We’ll see if the children want to continue with forestry. Their decision will be affected by the price level within the field and the wage levels. My daughter works at an accounting firm. She’ll probably start working for me when my brother retires. He’s been taking care of the accounting so far. My son, Anssi Leikas, serves the forest machines and drives one of the company’s harvesters.

Suupohjan Konehakkuu’s forest machine fleet consists of six forwarders, three of which are Logset machines, and of five harvesters, of which the company owns two.

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Raimo Leikas (to the left) says that the Logset forwarder’s motor oil has today been changed for the last time. In December 2017, the company will get a new Logset 5F GT. The machine in the picture is from 2014. In the picture also Anssi Leikas (in the middle) and Matti Hakala.