Logset head performs at eucalyptus operations

Logset dealer Raico in Chile sold a Logset TH75 harvester head to Eric Kruuse in 2018. The Logset head performs extremely well in the eucalyptus debarking process. Eucalyptus trees are debarked on the forest site, because the bark is easy to remove when the trees are still full of sap. Now Kruuse has more than 1 000 hours on his Logset TH75.

- The harvester head has a robust chassis and strong knives. It fits very well to our demanding eucalyptus operations, Kruuse says.

Watch a video of the Logset TH75 working in Chile.


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Logset TH75 harvester head mounted on a track based machine in Chile.
Eric Kruuse from Chile bought his first Logset harvester head in 2018.