Logset harvester has a lot of power

When Luke Bailey from R&L Forestry arrives to Logset´s stand at the APF show Sep 20-22 in UK, he walks straight over to have a look at the Logset 8H GTE. The rainy and grey weather doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He talks happily about his company and the six-wheeled Logset 8H GT he has driven since 2017.

- The 8H harvester has worked amazingly. It has a lot of power and suits well for trees that are 3m3. We have about 9 000 hours on the machine, Bailey says.

He wouldn’t mind testing an eight wheeled harvester next. His partner at R&L Forestry, Ruben Stwart, drives a Logset 8F GT forwarder. The two men got to know each other when they worked together for a timber harvesting company. Four years ago, they decided to start their own company called R&L Forestry. Their company works mainly in the Cheltenham area where there are many steep slopes. On the steepest sites, employee Isaac Stwart cuts the trees with a chainsaw and Luke pulls them up with the harvester.

- First, we started off with an old Logset harvester. Then we did thinnings with a Logset 6H GT for about two years. During our company´s lifespan we have received a massive amount of help from John and Sue Fukes. Without them our company wouldn’t be where it is today, Bailey praises.

He refers to Logset dealer RJ Fukes in UK. RJ Fukes has arranged the exhibition stand at the APF show and they’ve been Logset dealers since the early nineties.


Modern feel inside cabin

Harvester driver Gregor Forrest from Scotland is also visiting the APF show. He climbs up inside the Logset 8H GTE. He is excited about the comfortable and modern feel of the cabin.

- You have great visibility from the cabin. What I really liked was the modern computer and the layout of the menus. I’ve once test driven a Logset for two hours, but it was a 12year-old machine. It was nice to experience the modern feel of the new machines. I’m impressed, he concludes.

Overall, the Logset stand had many visitors and dealer RJ Fukes was happy to be out and meet customers elsewhere than in the forest. Many of the visitors were served a hot cup of coffee or tea to keep warm in the rainy and windy weather.

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From the left John Fukes, Luke Bailey, employees at R&L Forestry Isaac Stwart and Dan Rudge, in front of the Logset 8H GTE.
Gregor Forrest (left) is listening to Logset´s Area Sales Manager Marc Mimeau tells about the Logset harvester functions.
John and Sue Fukes have been Logset dealers since the beginning of the nineties.
Logset girls Lucy and Teiha welcomed the visitors to the Logset stand by handing out product catalogues.
Visitors could have a look under the bonnet of the Logset 8H GTE.
On Friday morning the sun was up for a while and many visitors had questions about the Logset TH75 harvester head.