Increased field of view

Logset has increased the field of view from the harvester cabin. Now the cabin turns 55 degrees from the centre to the side. The optimal work area is 45 degrees. Thanks to this change the operator always has an unobstructed view of the tree being processed. Also, the visibility through the side windows to the back wheels is better than before.

Supervisor Jussi Nurmela from Koneurakointi S. Kuittinen was one of the first customers to test drive the new turning cabin on a Logset 8H GTE harvester. Right now, the company has one Logset 5F GT forwarder and one Logset 5F forwarder but no Logset harvesters. Soon the company will get two new Logset 5F GT forwarders.

- In March 2021 I, along with several of our operators, tested the harvester for 2,5 weeks and our overall experience was very positive. The operator is centred in the cabin and has great visibility in all needed directions. The Logset philosophy is that once the operator grabs the operating levers, he can do everything with the machine without letting go. This really works. Even using the separate PC was easy to embrace, he says and continues:

- Getting our operators out from the Logset harvester cabin wasn’t easy once they got the hang of it.


Technical solution

By making changes in the cabin base design the turning angle of the cabin was increased with 10 degrees on each side.

- The harvester cabin turns with the help of two cylinders, just like before. The big difference is that now the cylinders are attached to the same centre pin, not two separate pins like before, says Design Engineer Joakim Drycksbäck.

He is the brain behind the new solution. Thanks to the cylinders the turning of the cabin is smooth, precise, and quiet. There is a magnetic sensor placed underneath the cabin inside the bearing. The sensor identifies the turning angle of the cabin.

- The sensor is the same that we use for the knives on the harvester head. Of course, this makes it easier to get spare parts when needed.

Behind the cabin there is a new storage space for saw bars. The storage space can be locked, and it fits over 100 cm saw bars.


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The operator can choose to have the cabin turn more than the crane. With this setting the operator will always have an unobstructed view of the crane and the tree being processed.
The new turning angle of the cabin and the tall side windows offer great visibility to the wheels in the back.
A new storage space for saw bars can be found behind the cabin and it fits 100 cm saw bars.