Improved result in 2017

The sales network grew in the U.S. and Russia

Product development focused on the Logset TOC 2 machine control system

In 2017, Logset Oy´s turnover grew and the result was improved. The turnover for 2017 was 30 922 k€ (2016 : 27 664 k€) and the operating profit was 935 k€. The result for 2017 improved from the previous year. The
order backlog is also at a good level.

In 2017, Logset focused on strengthening its sales network and product development.  The company
signed significant dealer agreements with Fabick Cat and Milton Cat in the U.S. The U.S. is a new market for Logset, and it is expected to increase the sales while balancing the variations in demand for the

products. Logset signed two new dealer agreements with Tehnocom and Daltehnotrade in Russia. In 2017, Russia became Logset’s second largest market area, right after France, and this development is expected to continue.

Logset’s product development focused on the new control system for forest machines, Logset TOC 2 (Total Operation and Control). The TOC 2 was launched in the summer 2017.

The outlook for 2018 is optimistic due to the larger sales network and the growing demand for products.
Especially the demand for the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid harvester, other harvester models and harvester heads
is expected to increase in 2018. Logset launched the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid in 2016 and it is the world´s first hybrid harvester.