Improved control system to ease every day work

Logset has renewed the control system designed for forest machines. The renewed system is called TOC 2 (Total Operation and Control 2). The development process has focused on making the control system easy to use. Logset forwarders with the TOC 2 control system have been in production for some time, and the production of TOC 2 Logset harvesters began in the summer 2017. In addition to the TOC 2 for the base machine, the harvester has TOC-MD 2 for the harvester head integrated in the control system.

- The renewed TOC 2 control system is very userfriendly. The new menus, colors and symbols of the control system have been designed to improve the user experience. The development work has been user-oriented, and our customers and personnel with forest machine operator background have played a key role in the process. For example, our Test Engineer Jari-Pekka Ylikoski has worked as a forest machine operator for over ten years. This has allowed us to develop a control system that serves our customers in the best way, says Development Manager Jouni Kytövaara, who has worked at Logset soon for 13 years.

The TOC 2 settings are divided into basic and advanced settings. From the basic settings, the operator can find all the necessary functions for a regular work day.


New controls and error diagnostics

The user interface is even more pleasant with the new harvester controls designed by Design Engineer Markus Storsjö. He has also worked on the graphic design of the TOC 2, to make the settings easy to find and to keep the overall look of the system streamlined. The TOC 2 control system is Linux based, and it has been designed for forest machines. A Windows PC is used in the cabin only for the map and data transfer programs used by the forest companies.

- Even the error diagnostics of TOC 2 has been renewed in cooperation with our Electrical Engineer Ville Rönkkö. TOC 2 error codes can tell us exactly what the fault is and where it has occurred. This way, Logset service and customers can find and fix problems faster, which eases everyone’s day-to-day work, Kytövaara says.

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View from the control system TOC 2 screen.
The Logset harvesters have new control panels so that the operator can always sit comfortably when driving.
The operating levers for harvesters have 13 buttons on each handle. The new panels have improved ergonomics as the height and angle of both the wrist support and the palette can be adjusted separately.