Happy owner of two Logset machines

In the beginning of 2019 Logset announced that there will be a demo with 8H GTE Hybrid harvester in southwest Sweden. Per Andersson saw the advert and decided to act, since he had been interested in Logset for a while and wanted to test drive a Logset machine.

- I contacted sales representative Andreas From right away. And when I got to test drive the hybrid I was impressed by several things. My previous harvester had six wheels, but the hybrid had eight. The visibility from the cabin was amazing. I felt like home, Per describes.

The test drive resulted in two new Logset machines for his company Lämmetorp Skogsavverkning AB. The machines are an 8H GTE harvester with a TH65 harvester head and a 6F GT forwarder. The company does logs mainly for Sydved AB within the area around Linköping – Norrköping – Finspång. Most of the work areas are final cuts. 

- The Logset harvester uses very little fuel, and the machine is quieter than my previous harvester even though it is larger in size. On a final cut the fuel consumption is 14 l/h and on thinnings it’s around 11 l/h. The machine runs smoothly on low revs. I save a lot of money since the fuel prices seems to go up constantly, he says.

Per operates the harvester most of the time. He starts his workday around 4.30 am and ends the day at 4 pm. Several years ago, he decided to carry on with the family farm and therefore he does some farming too.

No hydraulics

The company forwarder is equipped with Smooth Ride cabin suspension. The suspension functions with four coil springs and four shock absorbers. During busy times, the forwarder is operated in shifts. One of the operators is Per’s son Jesper Andersson.

- Jesper likes the cabin suspension. It has no hydraulic parts that can malfunction, and the machine is easy to operate. I believe many Swedes are curious about Logset. The most important for machine operators is that we can trust the service. If the service functions well Logset will sell many machines to Sweden.

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Per Andersson (to the left) and Jesper Andersson. If the harvester and forwarder happen to be on the same work area the operators will take a break together.
Per Andersson is impressed by the low fuel consumption of the Logset machines.
Jesper Andersson likes the cabin suspension in the Logset forwarder.