Factory visit to see where Logset machines are born

The Logset factory was visited by guests from UK and Ireland last week. During the visit the guests got to see the production lines, visit Palosaaren Metalli Oy where the Logset forwarder rear chassis and load bays are welded, see a brand new Logset 6HP GTE harvester in the forest for the first time, and enjoy the crisp winter weather, among other things.

- This visit has been very nice! This is our first time in Finland. It is great to see, after all these years driving Logset, where the machines are made, says Richard Doherty.

He likes the new black look of the Logset machines.

- It looks stylish. Suits better than the grey, he says.

The visiting group consisted of Richard Doherty and Tom Jones that are employees of the Doherty Group in Ireland, contractors Greg Watkins, Aaron Thompson and Brendan Thompson from UK, and Rab and Wendy Easton from Forest Machine Magazine. 


Downtime on Logset machines is low

Doherty Group is a big employer in Ireland working with timber harvesting and transportation services. The company has seven Logset forwarders and three Logset harvesters from before, and three harvester heads that are installed on track-based machines. The company just purchased the Logset 6HP GTE that’s out in the forest for the first time. Richard Doherty will become one of the machine’s operators. Tom Jones works for the service side at Doherty Group.

- I’ve been servicing the Logset machines for years. I must say they are very easy because the access to the parts is good. You just remove the broken part and replace it with a new one. Therefore, the downtime on the Logset machines is low compared to other machines, Tom Jones explains.

Richard Doherty has also his view on why Logset harvesters are good machines.

- I love how the measuring wheel is so close to the saw, the measuring is “spot on” even when you’re doing oversized timber.

Richard Doherty says that a demo day with the new Logset 6HP GTE will be arranged in Ireland soon after the machine has arrived.

- We can’t wait to show other companies that harvest timber how well the Logset harvester runs. We don’t have many Logset machines in Ireland, so people are not used to seeing them. We know that the operators who use Logset harvester heads on their trackbased machines are very happy with the performance of the heads, Tom Jones says.

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Tom Jones (to the left) and Richard Doherty (in the middle) are checking out the new Logset 6HP GTE harvester together with Logset dealer in UK, John Fukes.
Logset dealer in UK, John Fukes (to the left), with contractors Brendan Thompson, Greg Watkins and Aaron Thompson.
Tom Jones (to the left) and Richard Doherty are enjoying the Finnish winter.