Ergonomic Logset Machine Set Increases the Performance

JM Forest that works for the Finnish forestry official Metsähallitus, owns two sets of forest machines. The newer set is from 2019 and consists of Logset 8H GTE Hybrid harvester with Logset TH65 harvester head delivered in October of 2019, and Logset 6F GT forwarder with Smooth Ride cabin delivered in May 2019.

- The machines we already had were also Logset machines. We have good experiences with this brand, and therefore we decided to buy Logset Hybrid harvester and forwarder with Smooth Ride function, says Juha Neste, the founder of JM Forest.

He and Marko Soukkala co-founded JM-Forest in the year 2001. Today the company has six employees. Juha himself does 8-10-hour shifts with the hybrid harvester and by so far, he has driven 1 029 hours.

- Hybrid doesn’t lack power. The machine is not defeated even by the sturdiest logs. Working with it is easy and comfortable. I especially like that the cabin has enough room for me to stretch my legs. It is also effortless to use the TOC control system since a separate keypad is not required. I can just use the joystick for navigating in it, says Juha.

The electrical engine in the Logset Hybrid harvester offers more power when it is needed for finishing the job.

- The green bar on the screen shows status of the electrical engine. When the bar drops, the harvester uses hybrid power. You can notice that when you are sawing and feeding logs, especially with bigger trees. The machine runs smoothly.


Young Drivers Are Quick to Learn

Four out of six JM-Forest employees have recently graduated from forestry school. Juha says that the co-operation with the new drivers has been successful and that they are fast learners.

- The quality of teaching in forestry schools has improved a lot compared to the time when we first started out and got our first work practitioners. Young drivers know the basic skills well and they will learn the company specific ways of working from their future employers.  Maybe it can be noticed that they still lack some practical experience, says Juha.

Logset 6F GT forwarder operator Valtteri Kaltti started work practise for JM-Forest in the autumn of 2017. When he graduated from school in the spring of 2018, Valtteri was hired as a full-time employee. He completed his military service and returned to work in January 2020.

- I like my work and I’m happy that I have chosen this field as I get to drive these great machines. The Smooth Ride function in the forwarder comes in handy. Even if the terrain would be rocky, you can’t really notice that in the cabin. It is just very comfortable to drive in, he says.

Drivers usually spend their workdays listening to the radio in the cabin and, when it is possible, they will have a brake together with their colleagues.

- If a harvester and forwarder happen to be close to each other, we will take a break together. Of course, this a sort of job where you must be content to spend some time alone, says Juha smiling.

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Juha Neste finds working with the Logset 8H GTE Hybrid is easy and comfortable.
The harvester was delivered to JM-Forest in October 2019.
Logset 6F GT forwarder operator Valtteri Kaltti knows that the Smooth Ride function in the forwarder comes in handy.