Brothers took the entrepreneurial leap

Siirtokumpu Ltd performs thinnings mainly in Taivalkoski area in Finland. Brothers Teppo and Arttu Tyni founded the company in July 2019. Also, their other two brothers Heikki and Tapio work in the company.

- The way I see it, we are bound to succeed by doing this together. Our main thing is that we work as a team and give feedback to each other, says Teppo with a smile.

Things have gone well for the company from the start. Fortunately, the situation with Corona virus has not impacted their workload negatively. Teppo tells us that things in the forestry business are going so well that they could work night and day if they wanted to.  Both Teppo and Arttu have extensive experience with forest machines. Before founding their own company, Teppo had worked as a forest machine operator since 2013 and Arttu had already 13 years of history in the business.

- We had many times thought about starting a company with our own machines. We got a chance to do it when we noticed a set of machines on sale in Pudasjärvi. We got a good deal and decided to buy the machines and start our own company. I like being an entrepreneur because I can do the things my way. The main difference between working as an entrepreneur versus working to someone else is that you are the one who pulls all the strings. We make our own transportation plans and decide the ways of working, says Teppo.

Teppo and Arttu work for Koillismaa forestry society. The logs are delivered, for example, to Pölkky Ltd and to Kontio manufacturing plant in Pudasjärvi, and the pulp to Stora Enso in Oulu or, at the moment, to Sweden.  

Agile machine surprises the brothers with its fuel-efficiency

Siirtokumpu has one set of machines that they work with. Their harvester is Logset 6HP GT with TH55 harvester head that was delivered in September 2020. In the beginning of November, it has approximately 500 operating hours.

- The size and power of the machine matches our needs. We do mainly thinnings, and because of this we wanted an agile and light machine. It has enough capacity for final cuts as well.  TH55 harvester head is easy to operate in the forest as it is very compact and efficient, Teppo states.

This season is challenging because of the difficult weather conditions. The work should be done so that there are no big track marks on the ground and that the site is left in neat condition.

Before buying the machine, the brothers asked experiences of different forestry machine brands from their circle of acquaintances. Teppo had also heard that AGCO Power engines are fuel efficient.

- Still, we were positively surprised by the fuel-efficiency of the Logset harvester. The machine uses very little fuel, and the cabin is silent. The basic maintenance tasks, such as oil change and greasing, are easy to perform, because there is enough space between different parts of the machine.

Finally, Teppo wants to thank Logset’s Training and After Sales Services.

- We have always gotten help quickly when we have needed it. One must consider that these machines are very expensive, which means that we must work efficiently to cover the costs.

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Teppo (on the left) and Arttu Tyni have a coffee break together before shift change.
Teppo fills the oil tank for saw chain. This is a standard maintenance procedure between shifts.
Siirtokumpu does mainly thinnings, and because of this they wanted an agile and light machine.