Adjustments that give profit to machine and operator

Juha Pukkala from technical support meets forwarder operators Jyrki Juurinen and Janne Koskinen over lunch, after which the men head out to see the Logset 5F GT forwarder that was delivered to Metsäkonepalvelu Oy in December 2017. When the men meet up in October 2018, the machine has been driven in two shifts a total of 3 200 hours. Over lunch Pukkala hears how things have gone and what sort of problems the operators have encountered.

- The forwarder has worked very well. I’m especially pleased about the controls. My arms lie comfortably in them because the armrests are so versatile. The buttons are lit, and they are placed within the reach of finger, Juurinen says and asks:

- Can we recap how the cruise control works? And can I somehow lift the hydraulic steps even if the cabin door is open?

After lunch Pukkala follows Juurinen and Koskinen to the work site, a landfill area that is being expanded, located behind the industrial park Moreeni in Hämeenlinna. The men make different adjustments on the Logset 5F GT that not only improve the machine’s performance but also benefit its operators.

Work- and drive hydraulics, crane settings and Webasto

To see if the work- and drive hydraulics are like they should, Pukkala tilts the cabin. He also makes sure the Webasto is working before the upcoming winter. Then Pukkala sits with the operators in the cabin to check their crane settings and to answer their questions.

- Logset is quite different compared to the other forest machine brands. It is like a modern car that starts when pressing a button. I’ve enjoyed driving this forwarder, says Koskinen who recently completed his forest machine operator studies.

At the time of Pukkala’s visit, Koskinen has driven the Logset forwarder only for three days, during which he has used Juurinen’s crane settings. Pukkala helps Koskinen create his own USB key with his own settings for the crane. They also adjust the minimum current settings to suit Koskinen.

- I’ve never adjusted the minimum current before. Now the crane feels more agile. The new settings work better with my style of driving. It’s very nice when someone shows you where everything is and how to make changes, Koskinen remarks.

At the end of the day, Juurinen and Koskinen are happy, and all the forwarder settings are checked and adjusted.

- This was a useful day. I got a recap of many things and learned again some of the more advanced tricks that I had managed to forget, Juurinen smiles.

Pukkala thinks the forwarder is in good condition. The operators have clearly lubricated the machine on a regular basis.

- Oh yes, one more thing. If you need to lift the hydraulic steps when the cabin door is open, for example when driving up on a trailer, you can do it by double clicking the steering wheel button on the control panel, Pukkala says.

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Jyrki Juurinen (left) and Juha Pukkala check the crane settings from the screen.
Janne Koskinen (left), Jyrki Juurinen and Juha Pukkala are happy when all the forwarder settings are checked and adjusted.