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Logset provides top-of-the-line solutions for sustainable tree harvesting by developing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing forest machines that are reliable, productive and functional.


About us

Logset Oy is a Finnish forest machine manufacturer located in Koivulahti, near Vaasa. The company was established in 1992 and today it has approximately 100 employees.

Logset produces CTL solutions. The Logset machine range contains of seven forwarders, seven harvesters and seven different harvester heads. All the products are manufactured in the company's factory. Logset’s distribution network covers 25 countries, and Logset machines are working in more than 25 countries.

In after-sales Logset offers service and spare parts, training and extensive customer support.


We trust and respect each other. We are dedicated to creating an inspiring working and business environment.


We fulfil our customers’ expectations. 
We will always improve our ­
operation to exceed these expectations.

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We create oppurtunities together with our
customers for the future.

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We always keep the stakeholders informed with the latest and relevant
­information to support fast decision making.


We are business minded and we aim to create
profitability for our ­customers and ourselves. 

Company history

Logset was founded in 1992 by Gustav Frantzén, Seppo Koskinen and Kristian Stén, who acquired the forest machine business assets from Oy Norcar Ab. Today Logset has been manufacturing forest machines for over 25 years and we are very proud of the product range we offer.

  • 1992 - 1996

    Logset was founded in 1992, mainly to handle sales of spare parts and service for the population of some 500 Norcar machines located all over the world. In order to take up the manufacturing of new forest machines in Kvevlax again the company needed a reliable future.

    The first Logset harvester was a Logset 500H and it was launched 1993 at the Elmia Wood fair in Jönköping. The harvester was equipped with the Logset 5-55 harvester head. The machine was bought by a German customer and it was not the last Logset harvester he purchased. 


    In 1994 the Chipset chip harvester was born. It was a chip harvester that moved in the stand and chipped logging residue and slender thinning wood, then drove the chips to a container by the side of the road. In total Logset manufactured a few dozen Chipset machines until 1998, when the production was moved to Sweden.


    In 1996 Logset participated in the Finnish Metko fair. There Logset's representatives met Fomac, which was a small, recently established company that manufactured Fomac F112 forwarders. Logset could offer them the capital, business experience and international distribution network. The Fomac F112 became the mother of all modern Logset forwarders.

  • 1997 - 2001

    In 1997 the first forwarder in the F-series, the Logset 6F was introduced.


    The forwarder range was completed with the Logset 4F in 1998 and the Logset 5F in 1999.


    Logset's harvester range was incomplete, as there were forwarders of all shapes and sizes, but only one Logset 506H harvester. Logset started to sketch a new harvester concept and the first Logset 8H Titan was presented in 2000 at the Finnish Metko fair. 

  • 2002 - 2006

    During the 2000's Logset grew on all fronts. The volumes increased and suddenly Logset was a company making 100 machines a year instead of 30-40. 


    2004 Logset introduced Logset 4H Titan and Logset 5H Titan. The use of SISU engines in the Logset machines started.


    In 2005 Logset was nominated one of Finland's 25 most innovative growth companies. The distribution agreement with Wajax in Canada was signed. The product range included five forwarders of 10-18 tonnes and five harvesters from the first thinning to the heaviest of clear felling. Primaca bought the majority holding of Logset.


    2006 a big harvester for final cutting and clear felling, the Logset 10H Titan, was introduced.

  • 2007 - 2012

    2007 Logset presented the Titan-series of forwarders with Logset's own machine control system TOC (Total Operation and Control).  


    In 2008 the sales dropped dramatically and Logset went from the highest credit rating AAA to verge of bankruptcy. 


    In 2009 Junttan span off from Pilomac and Logset applied for and was granted debt restructuring. The same year Logset presented the TOC-MD control- and measuring system for harvesters.


    Logset's situation was stabilized in 2010. Product development had been neglected since 2008. The Titan harvesters needed a face-lift after having been in production for ten years.


    2011 Logset started the production of the TH harvester heads. The GT -forwarder and -harvester range, were presented in 2012 at the most important fairs of the trade in Germany, France and Finland. Also the rotating cabin for the harvester was presented.

  • 2013 - 2017

    2014 Logset presented two eight wheeled harvester models: Logset 6HP GTE and Logset 8H GTE. The Logset Simulator was also presented for the first time at the FinnMETKO 2014 exhibition. It contains both harvester and forwarder features.


    In 2015 the company introduced a 20-ton forwarder Logset 12F.


    Throughout the years Logset has had a clear policy to invest in research and development. In 2016 the company launched the world’s first hybrid harvester, the Logset 12 H GTE Hybrid. The hybrid system has drawn a lot of attention in the traditional forest field.


    2017 Logset celebrates 25 years in business. The year started with two new product launches: harvester head TH85 and harvester head TH65 Euca. Now the Logset machine range contains seven forwarders, seven harvesters and seven harvester heads. 


    During the past years Logset has developed a new generation of the control system for both forwarders and harvesters: Total Operation and Control 2 (TOC 2). In addition to the renewed TOC 2 for the base machine, Logset has also developed a new measuring system for the harvester head: Total Operation and Control – Measuring Device 2 (TOC-MD 2). All the systems are Linux-based.