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Don’t miss out on the new standard in forestry

Together with experts within their own fields we have introduced the world’s two first hybrid harvester models on the market.

The hybrid harvester has not only a diesel engine but an electric motor and super capacitors. The electric motor works also as a generator. When the harvester requires more power, the electric motor will kick in for that extra power. When the diesel engine does not need the extra boost, the electric motor becomes a generator and charges the super capacitors. 

The hybrid technology suits harvesters very well, because with a hybrid harvester the peak loads will never restrain the diesel engine and the operator has enough power to do several things at once: move the machine, operate the crane and feed the tree. The hybrid harvester does not limit the operator. He or she can process trees as efficiently as he/she is capable of doing.

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Technology and power that must be experienced

Big trees bring out the benefits

The benefits of the hybrid technology start to show in a forest where the tree size is larger than 250 l/stem. Therefore, the hybrid harvester is not meant for small thinnings. It is designed for processing big trees and doing final cuts. The operator is less tense when facing big trees because he/she knows that the machine has enough power. Thanks to the electric motor the diesel engine will run at an even pace. The result is less emissions per tree cubic and a happier operator after each shift.

Smart solution

The electric motor from Danfoss Editron is placed between the AGCO Power diesel engine and the hydraulic pumps. Together these parts form a straight powerline in the back of the machine. When the centre of gravity is in the back, it gives the needed balance for handling big trees. The work pumps are located underneath the hydraulic tank and their sudden suction need is fulfilled straight away. The diesel engine, electric motor and hydraulic pumps are all separate parts so that service on the diesel engine and pumps can be done like in a traditional harvester while the hybrid package is a service free component. 

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8H GTE Hybrid

The size of the machine model makes it suitable for a wide range of tasks and any kind of forest. Due to the massive power we recommend it for work sites that have trees larger than 250 l/stem or for final cuts. 

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12H GTE Hybrid

The machine model is the world’s biggest wheel-based harvester. This friendly giant is designed for final cuts where the tree size is 500 l/stem and up.

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