Logset 5HP GT

Compact six-wheeler designed for thinnings

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The Logset 5HP GT is the smallest harvester in the Logset range. It features a powerful 7.4 litre 6-cylinder engine with 169 kW (230 hp) and SCR technology. The small size of the harvester combined with the powerful engine makes the harvester versatile, even though it is mainly designed for thinning operations. The harvester is easy to maneuver and it turns effortlessly. The 34-inch wheels at the back allow the machine to operate in various types of terrains.


The size of the engine, the hydraulics and the mechanical parts of the machine are all perfectly dimensioned for this six-wheeled harvester model. This premium machine is compact and narrow with 22.5-inch wheels on the front chassis. The width of the machine can be narrowed down to 2,5 meters with 600 mm tires. The smaller wheel size makes the Logset 5HP GT slightly lighter than the Logset 6HP GT.

The harvester is equipped with the reliable Mesera 221 H crane. The outreach of the crane can be chosen between 8.3 m, 10 m and 11 m. The Logset 5HP GT performs well in forests with small and medium diameter trees.

Harvester heads like the TH45, TH55 and TH65 all fit on the Logset 5HP GT. All harvester heads in the TH-series are designed for easy and precise operation.


The Logset 5HP GT, with its AGCO Power diesel engine, is guaranteed to be the most economic choice compared to other harvesters in its size class. Due to the successful combination of engine size, hydraulics and the new Logset TOC-MD 2, the engine runs easier and the operator will notice this clearly in the lower fuel consumption.


Eight advantages with the Logset harvester



The total volume of the fuel tank is 600 litres, which is large compared to other harvesters in this size class. The driver gets more productive time in the forest. The fuel tank and hydraulic tank can be tilted to the side when you need service access to the hydraulic pumps.


The cabin has excellent all-round visibility. The upgraded work light guard protects the work lights and cabin roof even better. The new design decreases the transportation height and gives the cabin an eye-pleasing, elegant profile. The cabin’s low noise level is a key factor for operator comfort.


Logset’s own TOC-MD2 measuring device maximizes the production and is easy to navigate as to use. The technology is thoroughly proven through the years. Features such as the adaptive feeding and cutting window search make the operator´s work easier and the machine more productive.


The Mesera cranes have an optimal geometry. The Logset 5HP GT has the Mesera 221 H crane with an outreach to choose from 8.3, 10, 11 meters. This crane model is fast, agile and reliable to operate.


The powerful AGCO Power engines with SCR technology deliver high torque at low engine speed, offering the best fuel economy in their range. The Logset 5HP GT has a 7.4 LFTN 162 kW/1950 rpm engine.


The front bogie provides excellent stability.


The Logset 5HP GT offers 285 l/min at 1500 rpm, which is ideal for this type of machine to reach high productivity and excellent fuel economy. The right balance for the best output.


The Logset TH harvester head is key to higher productivity. The Logset 5HP GT can be equipped with a TH45, TH55 or TH65 harvester head, whichever size best meets your needs.

Technical data


Own weight, kg from17 000

Engine (Europe)

TypeAGCO Power 74 LFTN
StageStage V
Power, kW169 kW / 1850 rpm (230 hp)
Torque, Nm1 000
Fuel tank, l600
DEF, l40


TypeHydrostatic mechanical
Tractive effort, kN135 (30 349 lbf)
Gear box2 gears

Hydraulic system

Flow 1 000 rpm, l/min190 (50 US gal)
Hydraulic oil tank, l240 (63 US gal)


Control systemTOC 2
Measuring deviceTOC-MD 2
Battery voltage24 V
OptionSafety tested and approved cabin • Rotating and levelling cabin


Front600/50-22.5; 710/40-22.5
Rear600/65-34; 700/55-34


Mesera crane options220H
Reach options, m8.3/10/11 (27/33/36 ft)
Lifting capacity, kNm188 (138 660 ft lb)

Harvester heads

Model optionsTH45, TH55, TH 65

Optional equipments

Contact your local dealer for more information about options 
Logset 5HP GT, black cabin
Logset 5HP GT_Dimensions