Logset TH85

Optimized for large scale clearfell harvesting

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Logset TH85

Logset TH85 is the second largest head in Logset’s TH range. Together with the Logset 12 H GTE Hybrid harvester, it takes productivity to unseen levels.

Logset TH85 is designed for felling, feeding and ­cross-cutting trees between 80 cm and 4 cm in diameter. Its three feeding wheels and four ­hydraulic motors provide an impressive feeding force with even the most difficult trees. Its total weight of 2 100 kg makes for a reliable structure in terms of chassis, knives and pivots. The saw unit can be equipped with either 0,404” or ¾” pitch saw chains and up to a 1-meter saw bar.
Logset TH85 has all the elements needed for a great cutting experience: performance and efficiency. 


As a standard, all the heads in the TH range come with the TOC-MD 2 mesuring device. The user interface allows you to easily use and adjust features such as proportional knife control, automatic cross cutting, and feeding speed. The seamless integration of TOC-MD 2 with the head guarantees high productivity.

Technical data


Width, head open, mm1 900 (75 in)
Width, head closed, mm1 580 (62 in)
Height to top knife, mm1 850 (73 in)
Height with rotator and link, mm2 400 (94 in)
Weight with rotator and link, kg2 100 (4 629 lbs)


Max. felling/cutting diameter, mm900 (35 in)
Saw bar, mm1 000 (39 in)
Saw unitSuperCut 150
Saw motorBucher 32
Saw chain tensioningHydraulic
Chain oil tank volume, liter8 (2 gal)

Hydraulic system

Max. pressure, bar280 (4 061 psi)
Flow required for optional prod. l/min300 (79 gal/min)
Valve block: purpose built hydraulic manifold 


Hydraulic motors, feeding arms, cm³940
Hydraulic motors, chassis, cm³470
Number of hydraulic motors, pcs4
Feeding speed (300 l/min, 79 gal/min), m/s4,2 (14 ft/s)
Max opening, feed wheels, mm840 (33 in)


Max. opening, upper knives, mm1 000 (39 in)
Delimbing diameter tip to tip, mm580 (23 in)
Number of static knives, pcs2
Number of movable knives, pcs4


Indexator AV 17/H182, Black Bruin BBR 16 

Measuring system

Logset TOC-MD 

Recommended base machine size


Wheeled base, from

Tracked base, from

23-28 t. (51 000-62 000 lbs)

26-32 t. (57 000-71 000 lbs)

Optional equipment

Contact your local dealer for more information about options. 
Logset TH85 studio picture