Logset TH65 Euca

For harvesting and debarking medium-sized eucalyptus trees

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Logset TH65 Euca

The Logset TH65 Euca harvester head is ­optimized for efficient eucalyptus harvesting and debarking. 

The delimbing knives profile surrounds the tree stem optimally on all diameters which ensures that the bark is pealed of the stem efficiently and with minimum friction. 

Our new Euca heads have been developed in South America with a variety of eucalyptus species and under various weather and soil conditions. Here you have a product that is extremely durable and just right for your Euca needs!



Logset harvester heads have been processing eucalyptus since 2017. The acquired experience from different eucalyptus harvesting applications has enabled us to engineer new productivity and durability enhancing features to our renewed Euca heads. 

The 2nd generation Euca head is a result of more than 1 500 hours of pilot runs in Brazil with a prototype head. Different species of eucalyptus were processed under various weather conditions and soil types. During and between the tests, a variety of components and their combinations were tested in the head, to find the best match for optimized debarking and high productivity.


Technical data


Width, head open, mm / in1 530 / 60
Width, head closed, mm / in1 250 / 49
Height to top knife, mm / in1 380 / 54
Height with rotator and link, mm / in1 750 / 69
Weight with rotator and link, kg / lbs1 350 / 2 976


Max. felling/processing diameter, mm / in650 / 26
Saw bar, mm / in750 / 29
Saw unitSuperCut 100
Saw motor cm320
Saw chain tensioningHydraulic
Chain oil tank volume, liter / gal8 / 2

Hydraulic system

Max. pressure bar / psi280 / 4 060
Flow required for optional prod. l / gal min300 / 79
Hydraulic valve blockPurpose built manifold


Hydraulic motors feeding arms, cm³680
Hydraulic motors, chassis, cm³315
Number of hydraulic motors, pcs4
Feeding torque kN / lbf

29 / 6 520

Feeding speed (300 l / 79 gal / min) m/s5,8
Max opening, feed wheels, mm / in620 / 24


Max. opening, upper knives, mm / in700 / 28
Delimbing diameter tip to tip, mm / in450 / 18
Number of static knives, pcs1
Number of movable knives, pcs4


Indexator AV 14-17, Black Bruin BBR 15-16 

Measuring system

Logset MDX 2 

Recommended base machine size

Wheel base, from14-18 t.
Tracked base, from18-20 t.

Optional equipments

Contact your local dealer for more information about options 
The new Logset TH65 Euca head has many new features.
New sticker design.
The fixed knife for delimbing and debarking has a new design.
Special Euca knives with bark deflectors and curved tip.
New design debarking feed roller in the center of the head.
Bark deflectors have been added on the lower knives.