Logset 5F GT

Compact forwarder for difficult terrain

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Compact forwarder for difficult terrain


Logset 5F GT is a versatile and compact forwarder. It is extremely well adapted for thinning operations, but can also be used for smaller clear felling operations. It is a 12-ton forwarder with an economical engine, designed to transport maximum loads. The large 26,5” tires and the high ground clearance make this machine the right choice for various types of terrain. The 4-cylinder 4.9-liter AGCO Power engine has enough torque to overcome light challenges, but with an extremely low fuel consumption. The forwarder is compact, so turning in tight corners is easy without compromising the ground clearance. The Logset 5F GT is very reliable and does not require a lot of spare parts. Thanks to these features, it has exceptionally low running costs. 


High productivity also requires the best possible ergonomics. The cabin has efficient noise insulation and the large windows offer excellent visibility in all directions. The user friendly TOC 2 control system gives a good precision both for crane and transmission. The driver can work fast and efficiently without strain. The automatic cruise control allows the driving speed to be easily adjusted with a potentiometer. The constant driving speed facilitates the operator’s work and lowers the fuel consumption. Easy access for service jobs and a big fuel tank minimize service interruptions.


Eight advantages with the Logset forwarder



The updated 5F GT model has a 4-cylinder AGCO Power 49 LFTN diesel engine. The new engine has approximately 20 horse powers more than the previous model with 140 kW instead of 127 kW. The new engine is easier to service. Hydraulic lash adjustment makes the valve clearance adjustment unnecessary, which reduces the time needed for interval services.



The cabin offers first-class comfort and an unobstructed view when driving and loading. It is spacious and has big storage compartments.  The forwarder is easy to maneuver because the wheels are in sight. Add Smooth Ride cabin suspension to improve the operator ergonomics! 



A great advantage of the Mesera crane is its boom geometry. The crane is especially designed for forwarders, and makes loading and unloading comfortable and easy.



The forwarder is equipped with the user-friendly TOC 2 machine control system. Thanks to the control system, the operator saves a great deal of fuel and the driving experience is soft and smooth. The crane control is also fast and accurate.



The 188-liter fuel tank allows you to extend your work shift without refueling. The correct dimensioning of the oil tank in each machine model ensures a longer lifespan of the hydraulic components.



The machine is available with or without balancing on the NAF bogies, depending on your needs.



The hydrostatic transmission performs optimally even in difficult terrains. It is powerful, accurate and reliable.



The strong, adjustable and durable load bay carries more wood than ever before. The Logset 5F GT has an adjustable load bay length. This forwarder is one of the most versatile Logset machines, as it can be adapted to your individual needs. The machine is also available with a longer back frame, which makes the load bay up to 5 meters long.

Technical data


Own weight, kg from15 500 (34 172 lbs)
Load capacity, kg12 000 (26 455 lbs)
Load area length, m3.6/4.2/4.6 (142/165/181 in)


TypeAGCO Power 49 LFTN
StageEU Stage V
Power at 1900 rpm, kW140 (190 hp)
Torque at 1500 rpm, Nm800 (590 ft lb)
Fuel tank, l188 (50 US gal)
DEF, l30 (7,9 US gal)


TypeHydrostatic mechanical
Tractive effort, kN169 (37 993 lbf)
Gear box2 gears

Hydraulic system

Pump size, cm³140
Pressure, Mpa23 (3335,87 psi)
Oil tank, l175 (46 US gal)


Control systemTOC 2
Battery voltage24 V
Safety tested and approved cabin 



Standard 710/45-26.5
Optional 600/55-26.5

Crane options

CraneMesera 83
Lifting capacity, kNm106 (78.180 ft lb)
Reach options, m7.2/8.5/10 (23/27/32 ft)

Optional equipments

Smooth Ride • Bulldozer blade • Diesel heater • Crane tilt • Contact your local dealer for more information about options 
The updated machine model has a 4-cylinder AGCO Power 49 LFTN diesel engine according to the most recent Stage 5 emission regulations from EU.
The Logset forwarder cabin offers first-class comfort and an unobstructed view both when driving and loading.
Logset 5F GT_Dimensions for machine with AGCO Power 49 AWF engine.
The compact 12-ton Logset 5F GT forwarder is the most sold Logset forwarder model in Finland, the Baltic countries and France.
In the renewed Logset 5F GT the cooler is more efficient, and it cools down the hydraulics effectively. An electrically controlled visco clutch for the cooler fan is standard.