Forest machine operating in the father’s footsteps

"Logset is customer friendly. They listen to our concerns and sort out every issue. There are no stupid questions."

Janne Kangassalo

Watch the video above to see why Janne likes his harvester! 



WHO: Janne Kangassalo
COMPANY and HOME TOWN: MKU Risto Kangassalo, Heinola
POWER: 1 900 rpm, 220 kW
TORQUE: 1 500 rpm, 1 200 Nm

The decision is influenced by many things

30-year old Janne Kangassalo operates a Logset 8H GTE harvester from 2018. The machine is equipped with a Logset TH65 harvester head. He does mostly clear fells and so far, he has operated the harvester for approximately 2 800 hours. Before the current machine Janne operated a Logset 8H GTE from 2015.

Buying a new forest machine is a big investment that requires consideration. Janne gives the reasons why they decided to buy their latest forwarder from Logset. It is a Logset 5F GT with Smooth Ride cabin suspension.

"Logset is customer friendly. They listen to our concerns and sort out every issue. There are no stupid questions. The reliability of the machines is top-notch. Nowadays the service and spare part side works really well." 

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MKU Risto Kangassalo cuts trees for forestry company Koskitukki Oy

MKU Risto Kangassalo has cut trees for the forestry company Koskitukki Oy for nearly twenty years. Janne has worked as a harvester operator for 13 years. He enjoys the work the most when he cuts trees for forest owners he knows from before and the forestry company is co-operative. 
"This is teamwork. Everything goes smoothly when everyone in the chain can trust each other."

When it comes to Logset machines Janne has a lot of experience.

"Our first Logset was an 8H Titan from 2011. After that the development of the Logset machines has advanced remarkably." 

Balancing entrepreneurship and family life

Janne’s own family consists of wife Minna Kangassalo and three children. Minna does shift work and studies at the same time. Planning is the key in making the everyday life of the family effortless. The operators at MKU Risto Kangassalo work one shift per day when it suits them the best. Sometimes Janne works only six hours a day but then he also does 15-hour shifts at times.

"In our marriage two people with high work ambitions have found each other. We understand each other well. At home I hear a lot about the forest machines, and I know a whole lot about them. But when it comes to buying new equipment Janne talks with Risto," Minna says.

MKU Risto Kangassalo own five Logset forest machines.

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Fuel consumption and measuring accuracy in order 

According to Janne the Logset machines are easy to operate. The cabins are spacious and there is no need to constantly adjust the measuring device. 

Janne kehuu, että Logset-koneita on helppo käsitellä. Tilavassa ohjaamossa työnteko sujuu, eikä mittalaitetta tarvitse koko ajan säätää. "The 8H GTE is an efficient and productive machine. The measuring accuracy of the harvester head is outstanding. In my most productive workday I did 555 cubic within 9 hours. The usual production on a final cut is everything from 150–400 cubic."

When the fuel consumption is in order there is money left for other things.

"The machine’s fuel consumption per cubic is crucial. On a final cut I make 40–60 cubics/hour. The harvester consumes about 15–16 liters. Usually the harvester consumes 0,6 litres/cubic."


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"The cabin suspension is well worth the money"

The Logset 5F GT forwarder was delivered to MKU Risto Kangassalo in August 2019 and the machine has mainly been operated by Erkki Valdson. He is born in Estonia but during his 25 year long career as a forest machine operator he has mainly worked in Russia. Erkki has worked for MKU Risto Kangassalo for 3,5 years.  

"The forest machines I've operated previously haven't had any cabin suspension. In the 5F I can cleary notice the suspension benefits. It works everywhere - when I'm driving or unloading, and it catches up if the machine falls off a stump. Also, the cabin is very silent. I don't get tired at work like I used too. The cabin suspension is well worth the money."

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