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Cristoph Wulf, Forstunternehmen Wulf GbR

"It feels like we can go through thick and thin together"

Cristoph Wulf | Entrepreneur, Braken region, Germany

Together with his father and brother, Cristoph Wulf runs a family business called Forstunternehmen Wulf GbR. They are currently operating in the third generation as their grandfather started the business back in the day with horses and manual labour. Since then they have moved on to tractors at first and then to the specialized machines they are using today to run their business. For the past almost 25 years they have relied on Logset to be their partner.

Janne Kangassalo, MKU Risto Kangassalo

Forest machine operating in the father’s footsteps

Janne Kangassalo | Entrepreneur, Heinola, Finland

Janne lives in Heinola, Finland. Since he was a teenager, he has worked for his father Risto Kangassalo at the company MKU Risto Kangassalo. Transferring the ownership of the company to the next generation will soon be at hand. "I inherited my passion for the business from my father. I take my hat off for him letting me operate the expensive forest machines in the beginning of my career. This is a job you learn by doing. Once I got my first machine, I noticed how quickly my skill level grew and I didn’t want to stop," Janne recalls. 

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